FOP Nevada State Lodge

FOPThe Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P.) is the nation’s largest law enforcement organization, with over 321,000 members and 2,100 lodges throughout the United States. Founded in 1915, the F.O.P. represents professional law enforcement officers from municipal, county, state and federal agencies. Membership in the Fraternal Order of Police is open to all full time active and retired law enforcement officers, regardless of rank.

The F.O.P. is made up of law enforcement officers striving to improve their profession by improving working conditions, wages, benefits, and by monitoring legislation affecting law enforcement on the local, state and national levels.

The Nevada State Lodge has its own Executive Board and Board of Trustees elected from Local Lodge candidates, with its own Constitution and By-Laws. The Nevada State Lodge, through the National Lodge, provides Labor and Legal Counsel services to the Local Lodges. The State Lodge offers Legal Defense Insurance for all the Statewide members. In addition to supporting the local lodges, the Nevada State Lodge provides state input to the F.O.P. Western States Association, a coalition of state lodges making regional alliances stronger at the national level. The State Lodge provides representation to the National State Presidents Meetings and the National Board of Trustee Meetings.

Local Lodges are fraternal organizations made up of law enforcement officers from a given community or political sub-division. The local lodge is an independent body governing the conduct of its own affairs. Local lodge officers are elected by its membership and its Constitution and By-Laws are drafted and approved in conformity with State and National By-Laws. The activities of the local lodge in its community are dictated in most cases by the needs of that community. Each local lodge is a member of the State Lodge and is represented at state board meetings and conferences by trustees and delegates elected from the local membership.

Nevada_state_flagThe primary mission of the Nevada State Lodge is to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, Nevada and its municipalities through the protection of life and property. In doing so, we attempt to foster individual and collective proficiency of our membership through fraternal, labor, educational, social and charitable activities among both the law enforcement and the civilian communities in which we live and work.

Our primary membership comprises members of both active duty and retired law enforcement officers. In addition, honorary membership may be bestowed on individuals who have performed an exceptional service or contribution to the state or local community.

Currently, the Nevada State Lodge consists of six local lodges from around the state from the communities of Las Vegas Lodge #1, Henderson Lodge #3, Nye County Lodge #4, Eureka County Lodge #6, Churchill County Lodge #7, Northern Nevada (Carson City) Lodge #8, and Reno Airport Police #9. Interaction is achieved through meetings and conferences. Each lodge is independent in its management, but subscribes to compliance with National and State Constitutions and By-laws.